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How to confirm a good AGV supplier and buy the right AGV?

With the rise of concepts such as Industry 4.0 and China’s intelligent manufacturing, as well as the disappearance of the domestic demographic dividend, the increase in labor costs and other factors have accelerated the enthusiasm for technological upgrading and reform in the traditional manufacturing industry, and has also achieved the most popular robot industry. , Take the enterprises that produce AGV products as an example. From the previous dozen or so, there are now hundreds of them. Half of these newly added enterprises have changed their careers, and some have started anew. AGV enterprises have rapidly increased the level among AGV manufacturers. The good and the bad are bound to be mixed. Although competition can promote the upgrade of product technology, the popularization of prices, and the diversification of services, it will also bring buyers “difficulties” in choosing. To confirm a good AGV supplier and buy a suitable AGV is obviously a A very difficult decision. It is crucial for a manufacturing company to have an AGV system with stable performance. This is obviously a big problem for those who are new to AGVs. Next, I will help you analyze it from three aspects:

Choose a local service provider or a remote service provider?

Most enterprises will give priority to local service providers on this issue. It is not difficult to understand, so I will not elaborate too much. How to consider local and remote places is dialectical. If enterprises recognize intelligent logistics planning, AGV and other logistics equipment Knowing that it has reached a high level of professionalism, you can plan, design, select, install and debug, train personnel, and perform necessary daily inspection and maintenance. Local and remote are only a matter of supply distance. , is the difference in product quality, is the difference in your trust in him.

What factors should be considered when purchasing AGV product providers?

1.Do you have planning and design capabilities? When purchasing an AGV, the first thing your service provider needs to help you do is to provide you with excellent AGV application solutions to help companies optimize production costs.

2.Whether you have an independent R&D and production base, the quality of your products comes from expertise, whether your service provider has an independent R&D and manufacturing base, and whether the manufacturing base takes the form of centralized manufacturing (that is, whether it only manufactures this type of products and related products). Some products of the company), which directly affects the ability of your service provider to control the quality. Of course, the manufacturing equipment and raw materials used should also be your concern.

3.Whether you have a wide range of service outlets and the ability to expand represent the industry status and influence of your service provider in this field. If you are also a very growing enterprise, choose a supplier that has the same expansion ability as you. The Chamber of Commerce will lay the foundation for your future development.

4.Do you have a complete after-sales service system? For most manufacturing companies, what is the professionalism and response speed of the supplier’s personnel? Whether they have enough understanding and mastery of the industry, products and your needs this time, whether they can get in touch with you in time and have necessary communication when you need it, not only for your personal work, but more for you For the sake of the enterprise, a well-trained service team represents your service provider’s attention to the development of the industry, and they will attach great importance to all your needs.

5.Others, price and delivery time are of course also factors to be considered, but due to the characteristics of the industry and the customized needs of enterprises for products, I will not elaborate too much here.
To sum up, under the current differences in the supply and demand environment of the domestic AGV industry, companies should not pay too much attention to factors such as price and distance to select service providers. To maximize the benefits and reduce the total cost of production is the best choice.

Do you need to pay attention to brand awareness?

The answer is yes, giving priority to service providers with a certain reputation in the industry is the most convenient and efficient screening method. It can be determined from the nature of the company, such as whether it is a listed company, joint-stock company, state-owned enterprise, official background, etc. Focus on the time of research and development and production of AGV, the familiarity inside and outside the industry, the application of AGV in the same workshop and warehouse, etc.

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