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The advantages of AGV intelligent storage system solution

AGV intelligent storage system solution

Using AGV trolleys to automatically transport pallets in narrow aisle shelf areas in automated warehousing can not only reduce operating costs, but also be safe and efficient.

Precise and efficient

When the pallet of goods is completed, the AGV trolley takes out the whole pallet from the interface, transports it according to the pre-laid running route, and transports the whole pallet to the interface of the storage area. According to the operation instructions issued by the control management system, the AGV trolley will drive to the outbound chain machine to take out the entire pallet of goods according to the pre-established route, and then transfer it to the interface of the automatic unpacking delivery area. The entire operation process is carried out under the coordination of the control and management system, which ensures smooth traffic and orderly operations, improves the efficiency of transshipment and storage operations, and increases the flexibility of the entire system.

Security improvement

The use of AGV trolleys in narrow aisle warehouses can greatly reduce the risk of incorrect loading. According to the program settings, the AGV handles the goods in the same way every time, and the risk of the pallet falling is very low. At the same time, due to the application of the automation solution, the labor demand in this area is reduced, thereby reducing the risk of serious accidents.

Reduce energy consumption

Compared to traditional warehouses equipped with manually operated narrow-aisle forklifts, the shelf areas where AGVs operate are cooler and require less light, resulting in lower warehouse energy consumption.

Short payback period

Warehousing AGV robots are light-duty warehousing automation. Compared with heavy-duty automation, the cost of AGV is lower. Therefore, the delivery time of the entire project will be shorter than that of traditional automation projects. For a three-shift warehouse operating at full load will also be shortened. It can be seen that the AGV intelligent warehousing system solution has the advantages of a shorter ROI return on investment cycle and more universality.


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