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How AGV trolley will affect the logistics process?

AGV handling robots are quickly becoming the most important smart devices in the logistics industry. On a global scale, in order to resist the impact of KIVA robots on the logistics industry, different AGV companies are constantly designing, developing and manufacturing robots that meet the logistics industry. Today I will talk about how the AGV car will affect the logistics process?

  1. Reduce the error rate
    Robots can store and record massive amounts of data and operate in a precise manner to reduce unnecessary losses in the production process, reduce error rates, and reduce the need for reverse logistics processes around inaccurate orders.
  2. Reduce physical labor of employees
    The use of AGV trolleys in the logistics industry provides workers with opportunities for pleasant job transfer. With the cooperation of AGVs, it can be replaced and completed easily and happily.
  3. Shorten delivery time
    With the increasing use of robots in the logistics process, the delays in transportation between different modes of transportation will also be reduced. This will be the result of a quick analysis of factors influencing delivery, including weather, traffic conditions and tire pressure. Ultimately, products that get to distribution centers faster can be delivered to customers faster.
  4. Delivery outside the traditional time
    Because robots can operate without human intervention, using AGV warehousing robots for loading, unloading, and shipping means the ability to ship products outside of traditional standards or times. Robots can deliver products before they reach a distribution center, and robots can be deployed to deliver when customers return home, reducing the incidence of package theft, further strengthening the case for the use of robots in the logistics industry.
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