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What are the advantages of AGV trolley?

(1) High degree of automation;

The AGV car is controlled by computer, electronic control equipment, magnetic induction SENSOR, laser reflector, etc.

When a certain part of the workshop needs auxiliary materials, the staff will input relevant information to the computer terminal, the computer terminal will then send the information to the central control room, and professional technicians will issue instructions to the computer. With the cooperation of electronic control equipment, this The instruction is finally accepted and executed by the AGV – the auxiliary material is sent to the corresponding location.

(2) Charging automation;

When the power of the AGV car is about to run out, it will send a request command to the system to request charging (generally technicians will set a value in advance), and automatically “queue” charging at the charging place after the system allows it.

In addition, the battery life of the AGV car is very long (more than 2 years), and it can work for about 4 hours per 15 minutes of charging.

(3) Beautiful, improve the viewing degree, thereby improving the image of the enterprise.

(4) It is convenient and reduces the floor space; the AGV trolley in the production workshop can shuttle back and forth in each workshop.

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