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High strength, wear resistance, good stability
  • The wheel diameter280mm
  • BrandTEC
  • model
  • Place of OriginChina
  • Power range1.6KW

Detailed product parameters

TEC Motor Drive Wheel Unit Series including  highly integrated product with electromagnetically integration including drive mechanism, position feedback, limit device and braking mechanism. It integrates walking, deceleration, traction and other functions, with high strength, abrasion resistance and good stability, which is very suitable for AGV application.

Product Features:

1. Compact space: Integrated design, small space

2. Various forms: horizontal/vertical/with steering/without steering

3. Various types of motor: DC brush/AC asynchronous/synchronous motor/servo motor

4. The wheels are optional with hard polyurethane (92HS), soft polyurethane (72HS) and rubber wheels

5. Different limit angles can be customized

6. Optional limit switch, different increment/absolute value encoder, origin switch, etc

7. Reducer: parallel axis/planetary axis

8. Vertical part models with shock absorption device

TEC-280 Traction motor parameters

Parameters NameParameters ValueParameters NameParameters Value
Series Name​TEC-280  ​Rated voltage48V
Traction power1600WRated current29/42A
Rated speed2000RpmRated torque7.64/7.8Nm
Reduction ratio28.15Output torque175/185Nm
Peak torque788/830Nm​Maximum load1200Kg
TEC-280 Traction motor parameters

TEC-280 Steering motor parameters

Parameters NameParameters ValueParameters NameParameters Value
Series Name​TEC-280  ​Rated voltage​48V
Steering power​450/750WRated current12/19A
Rated speed3000RpmRated torque1.43/2.4Nm
Reduction ratio50Output torque65/105Nm
TEC-280 Steering motor parameters


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